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Cataracts Surgery

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are a very common vision condition and a normal part of the aging process. As we age, proteins begin to clump together inside the eye’s natural lens, causing it to become cloudy and discolored. This causes light rays to scatter inside the eye instead of focusing directly on the retina – creating hazy, blurred vision and faded, dull colors. Typically, surgery is required to treat cataracts.


Are You a Candidate for Cataract Surgery?




Cataract Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts and they are starting to interfere with your daily activities it may be time for surgery.

Every year, over 3 million Americans (and 18 million people worldwide) have cataract surgery. Thanks to today’s innovative technology , cataract surgery is a remarkably common, safe, and effective outpatient procedure and can produce excellent results – even freeing you from glasses for most tasks if you choose. During surgery your doctor will remove your cloudy natural lens and will implant a new, clear lens. There are several different options for lenses and your doctor will help walk you through your choices.

The Process


First you will be set up for a cataract evaluation and measurements with the surgeon.

Set a Date

Our surgery coordinators will review your insurance benefits with you and set a date for your surgeries, surgery for each eye is performed on separate days.

Day of Check In

Plan to check into our surgery center at your surgery time so we can complete any final paperwork and get you ready for surgery.


You’ll be directed into our pre-op suite so we can apply medicated eye drops and a local anesthetic to prepare your eye. We also provide relaxation medicine.

Then we’ll move you into our comfortable surgical suite.

The Procedure

After check in, and preoperative setup, the actual procedure will take about 30 minutes. Your doctor will break up your cloudy lens and gently remove it.

Lens Insertion

A predetermined clear replacement lens (or IOL) is inserted into the eye.


We will take you back to the recovery suite to receive your post-operative instructions.

You will get your post-operative eye drops.


Then you can return home to rest or nap. As your eye heals you may experience mild irritation and discomfort. Taking the prescribed eye drops will aid in the healing process and help prevent infection. Follow-up visits will be scheduled prior to your surgery to ensure that your eyes are healing properly.

Our Packages


For the bronze package a standard lens replaces your natural lens providing you with high quality vision. You may still need glasses to ensure optimal vision in both distance and near.


The silver package includes all the benefits of the bronze package, but additional preoperative measurements, intraoperative measurements, and treatment of astigmatism. This helps decrease dependence on glasses in the distance.


The gold package includes all the benefits of the silver package, but by correcting your astigmatism and placing a presbyopia correcting lens, gets you the best chance for spectacle independence in the distance and near.

What are IOLs?

Choosing to have cataract surgery is an important decision. But equally important is talking with your doctor and deciding which type of intraocular lens (IOL) is the best choice to correct your own unique visual condition(s), including cataracts, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

IOLs are very small, highly advanced medical devices designed to mimic the function of your eye’s natural lens.

No single IOL is right for everyone. Your doctor will be happy to discuss, in detail, the specific advantages and disadvantages of each lens type, and help you decide which IOL is best suited to providing you with a lifetime of better vision.


We offer financing for 18 months with CareCredit.

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