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Dry Eye

Could You be a Candidate for Dry Eye Treatment?

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The eye is a very complex system. It usually cares for itself by producing tears that wash the eye and nourish it.  This keeps the surface healthy and comfortable.

Dry Eye Syndrome  is a condition that happens when the eye no longer functions optimally and therefore causes discomfort.  There are many causes of Dry Eye Syndrome.  Causes may include, a dry environment, screen time, medications, age, contact lenses or systemic disease. This can cause itching, burning, stinging, and redness. Dry Eye can make it harder to tolerate contact lenses, too.

At The Eye Center, we have a Dry Eye Clinic just for our patients who suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. Since there are many possible causes and contributing factors, we work with each patient individually to identify the reason for your Dry Eyes.  Once we determine what is causing your dry eyes, we can decide how to treat you. 

Eighty-six percent of patients that are diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome, actually have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).  MGD occurs when the protective oil that normally flows from the eyelid glands slows or stops.  It may be that the oil glands are clogged or if the eyes have gone untreated for an extended period of time, the glands may have deteriorated. At The Eye Center we have a  camera that can show the structure of your glands and we can see if they are functioning adequately.  IF NOT WE CAN HELP!  Get relief now. Schedule an appointment today with The Eye Center, and we’ll determine if LipiFlow® is right for you.  LipiFlow® goes beyond treating symptoms and actually treats meibomian gland dysfunction. LipiFlow® simultaneously warms and gently massages inner eyelids, unblocking glands and restoring natural oil production in your eyes.  Click the link below for more details.

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diagnosed with dry eye have MGD.

Symptoms of MGD

  • + Dryness
  • + Burning
  • + Itching
  • + Stickiness/Crustiness
  • + Watering
  • + Light Sensitivity
  • + Red Eyes
  • + Foreign Body Sensation
  • + Chalazion/Styes
  • + Intermittent Blurry Vision


MGD occurs when the Meibomian glands, located in the eyelids, do not sufficiently produce and release the oils needed to protect and maintain a healthy tear film. This causes the watery layer in the tear film to evaporate. LipiFlow® removes blockages in the glands to restore their function. Hear a pronunciation of “meibomian gland” here.

The physicians at our Dry Eye Clinic can diagnose the causes of your dry eye and recommend if LipiFlow® is the right course of treatment.

During your advanced dry eye evaluation one of the specially trained dry eye coordinators will measure your eyes with a specialized camera called LipiView®. LipiView allows us to evaluate the lipid (oil) layer of your tears and the structure of the oil glands in your eyelids.

Yes, and it’s the only FDA-cleared electronic device for treatment of MGD that removes gland blockage and restores gland function.

Mild anesthetic eye drops used in each eye for comfort and the applicators are placed on the eyelids. LipiFlow simultaneously applies heat and gentle warm and gently massage to the inner and outer eyelids to unblock the oil glands and restore natural oil production in your eyes.

The procedure itself takes about 12 minutes per eye, and in most cases both eyes are treated at the same time.

No. Most patients describe LipiFlow as soothing, and some even sleep during the procedure!

MGD is a chronic disease, if blockages are left untreated the glands will lose their structure and stop working completely. Damage to the gland structure cannot be reversed and symptoms will only worsen.

There is no cure to date. The best course of treatment is to diagnose the disease in its earliest stages and limit progression by removing any blockages in the glands to preserve their structure and restore their function.

Insurance will not cover the LipiView test or the LipiFlow treatment. The initial examination is generally covered by insurance. Any out-of-pocket charges, deductibles and co-pays are dependent on your individual policy. Feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help you identify what is covered in your plan.

The website offers lots of helpful information, including a MGD Speed questionnaire test. You may also call us with any questions, and one of our highly trained Dry Eye Coordinators will assist you in any way we can.

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