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    Cataract Surgery | Multifocal lens implants

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My First 5-Star Experience!

Having worn glasses for over 65 years and lived in multiple states from North Carolina to Hawaii, I've had many trips to optical stores. The customer service at The Eye Center to replace a broken frame was my first 5 star experience. The optician, Venessa Powell, immediately examined the broken frame and stated that only the bridge needed to be replaced instead of the whole frame (a savings over $300) - although she cautioned that, as the frame was an older one, the part may no longer be available.

She called the frame manufacturer who did find that part still in stock. She was giving the necessary information for the part to be shipped, when I realized that I had another identical frame with outdated lens in my pocketbook. I interrupted her and held them up to see if they might be used for the needed repair.

Here's the 5 star part: Instead of giving a sigh of impatience because I had wasted the considerable amount of time and trouble she spent finding a replacement part, she gave me a truly genuine smile and said the old frame part would do! ( A savings of $75.00.) Thanks to her technical expertise, less than 5 minutes later, I had a perfectly repaired pair of glasses.

For competency served up with a generous spirit, The Eye Center is the best!

Carole N.

Thank you Dr. Tamara Grammar Morris

Thank you Dr Tamara Grammer Morris for being so thorough with all my questions and eye exam, your the best!

Absolutely Amazing!

For the first time in my life, I met with a Dr. who listened to my story. In addition to that, he didn't make me feel like what I was saying was crazy. Dr. Brown is a true blessing in my life and has restored my faith that there are MDs that truly do want to help. He shares the theology that listening to patients is key to solving issues because we know our bodies best. I left the office feeling like I really do have a chance at getting to the bottom of my issue. Dr. Brown is kind, insanely knowledgeable, thorough, and made me feel like I was his only patient. I'm SO glad I was referred to this clinic.

Tijah M.

I am very pleased with the results

Dr. Risch performed surgery, removing my cataracts, correcting my astigmatism, and replacing my lens with a premium IOL.  I am very pleased with the results.  I no longer need glasses of any type.  Additionally, the office replaced my scripted sunglasses lens with a normal sunglasses lens at minimal cost.  Thank You, Dr. Risch, and your excellent staff.

Keith T.