The Importance of Eye Exams for Children | Dr. Taylor

Eye Exams

Little girl with hand over her eye

A common question I get from parents at our practice is, “when should I bring my child in for an eye exam?” It’s an important question for parents to consider. It can be difficult for parents to spot a problem in their child’s ocular health, without obvious issues that would bring them in. The American […]

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Meet Dr. Shaver

The Eye Center News

Man on a mountain bike

Hello, my name is Jonathan Shaver and I am an optometrist here at The Eye Center in Fayetteville where I’ve been practicing since 2007. I was born and raised in southern Arkansas in Magnolia, home to Southern Arkansas University. I graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a biology and a psychology […]

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Meet Dr. Taylor

The Eye Center News

Dr. Taylor

Hello! I’m Brad Taylor and I am one of the Optometrists at The Eye Center. I look forward to meeting you and working together at our clinic! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, being one of the newest members of the Team, so that you can get to know me a bit […]

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Optical Technology | Dr. Morris


Eyeglasses on shelf display

Are you bothered by glare and reflections, especially when driving at night or while working on a computer?  Anti-glare lenses may be just what you need! Anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings can eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of eyeglass lenses. This technology can improve visual acuity, reduce eye strain and make your eyeglasses […]

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Glaucoma | Dr. Toller


Older man using eye drops

Glaucoma is not a single disease, but more of a collection of disorders that cause damage to the optic nerve. This damage causes vision loss and blindness. This damage can be caused quickly or slowly over time. Usually, we think of elevated ocular pressure with glaucoma, but there are instances when ocular pressure is normal […]

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