08.13.2020 / 9:49 am

Glaucoma Surgery | Dr. Toller

Surgery for glaucoma is always the last resort. It usually means we have tried all forms of medication and other non-invasive methods to control eye pressure and nothing has been successful. Glaucoma surgery, while successful, also comes with risks. These risks can range from mild to severe. The common risks associated with all surgeries such… Read more »

08.06.2020 / 3:43 pm

Causes of Dry Eyes | Dr. Shaver

Age. As we age, eyelids loosen and tear, and oil production decreases which will add to dry eye symptoms and often worsen over time. Numerous dry eye therapies can help alleviate these natural changes. Contact lenses tend to soak up tears along with other substances which include allergens and particles that can irritate the surface… Read more »

/ 11:26 am

Diabetes & Diabetic Retinopathy: Prevention, Control, and Reversal © | Dr. Brown

Diabetic retinopathy is a terrible disease causing blindness. It is slowed by exercise, tight blood sugar control, tight blood pressure control, fibrates, certain vitamins, and anti-VEGF intraocular injections. Diabetes also causes problems like heart disease, stroke, leg and foot amputations, and early death. Diabetes and diabetic retinopathy can be prevented, slowed, and even reversed if… Read more »